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Lundy Bass

     Lundy Bass was born in North Carolina in 1817 to William and Emily Bass. He wed his wife Levinea on Dec. 6, 1840. Levinea Elleanor Rister (b. Jan 5, 1822 - d. March 18, 1894) was the daughter of George Rister (b. Jan. 10, 1790-d, June 4, 1832) and his wife Mary (Shannon) Rister (b. May 24, 1786 -d. Apr. 12, 1850). George Rister and Mary Shannon were married Oct. 27, 1811 (Bible Records).

     He is known to have had 3 brothers: Lamb Bass, Cullen Bass, and Doctor (given name ~ not professional title) Bass. Doctor Bass lived for many years in Calhoun County, Arkansas and died there.

      Elleanor Rister is known to have had a brother Wash Rister, and a sister who married a Chamberlain and who was the mother of Thomas Jefferson Chamberlain, a Confederate soldier from what is now Nevada County, Arkansas.

     Lundy Bass came to Arkansas from Chambers County, Alabama, arriving in what is now Calhoun County in 1847. On Dec. 8, 1851, he made entry to the U.S. Government land office at Champagnolle for land in Section 22 near Chambersville. He received the patent for that land March 1, 1855 paying $1.25 an acre. On Oct. 1, 1865, Lundy Bass and his wife sold their land in Calhoun County to John N. Fortune. These lend transactions are on record in the Courthouse at Hampton, the county seat. After disposing of his land in Calhoun County, Lundy Bass moved to what is now Nevada County, Arkansas. He died in Nevada County, Arkansas, April 21, 1883, aged 68 years, and was buried at Rocky Mound Cemetery, near Rosston.


Four children were born to Lundy Bass and his wife, Elleanor (Rister) Bass. They were:

William George Bass - b. Sept 6, 1641 ~ d, Nov. 15, 1851

Mary Bethena Bass - b. Feb. 26, 1844, Married John Fortune. Died July 24, 1900 without issue.

Martha Dovey Bass – b. Aug. 14, 1850. Married Thomas P. Dixon April 1, 1866. Died Aug. 18, 1924

Issue: Price (1867), John Henry (1869), Joe (1871), Eugenia (1873), Mary Ann (1875), Charlie (1878), Artha (1880) Martha (1882), George Washington (1884), Thomas Jefferson (1887)

Georgia Ann Bass- b. Jan. 15, 1853. Married Edmund Theodore Haynie, Dec. 18, 1867. Died Dec. 15, 1927.

Issue: Isham Wilburn (1859), George Richard (187 Lundy Bass (1872), James Louis (1874), William Edward (1876), Thom as Satterwhite (1878), Mary Emma (1880), John Lee (1882), Lillian (1884), Frank Carlos (1886), Georgia (1888), Lawrence McRae (1892), Catherine (1896).

And three other children who are assumed to have died before maturity: Edmund, John, and Francis

This information was mostly provided in 1940 by Winnie (Haynie) Hamilton, great granddaughter of Lundy.

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