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Prairie D'Ane Battlefield

2243 Highway 19 North, Prescott, Arkansas

To schedule a battlefield tour, please email

The Nevada County Depot & Museum owns and manages a large portion of historic Prairie D'Ane, the site of an April 1864 engagement between Union and Confederate forces. This engagement was the beginning of the Red River Campaign, a push by Union forces to capture Southern Arkansas and continue to Shreveport, Louisiana. The Battle at Prairie D'Ane redirected this campaign and Union troops instead marched on and captured Camden, Arkansas. 

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A Historic Site in Historic Prescott, AR

The Battle of Prairie D'Ane is also known as the Skirmish at Prairie D'Ane, Battle of Gum Springs or Battle of Moscow. The engagement lasted from April 9 to April 13, 1864. The Nevada County Depot and Museum acquired 800 acres of this historic site which is open to the public for tours and outdoor activities. Long-range plans include walking trails and fishing piers. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact us at


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