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Hon. Rufus K. Garland

HON. RUFUS K. GARLAND came to Arkansas with his father when quite young and remained there until his death. He filled many positions of honor and public trust, heaving been a member of the Confederate Congress, a member of the last Constitutional Convention. Up until 1886 he was a staunch Democrat, before becoming the leader of the Greenback movement in this part of the state.


 In early life he married a daughter of J.H. Walker of Hempstead County.


On Sunday morning the 18th, Hon. Rufus K. Garland, died at his home near this place. He died quite suddenly, having been sick with cerebral meningitis only a few days. At the time of his death, Mr. Garland was about 56 years of age.


(Information from the Nevada County Picayune of Dec. 15, 1886)



Note: In an article called EARLY POLITICAL HISTORY of Nevada County written in March 1946 by Hon. W.V. Tompkins, he says: “The first agitation as to the organization of the Greenback Party was brought about in 1876, and in 1878 Rufus K. Garland a citizen of Nevada County, and the brother of Augustus H, Garland who was elected Governor in 1874, made a great speech at the State Fair in Little Rock in which he called attention to the general distress of the country and suggested the organization of a new party. The Greenback Party was then organized.”

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