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Thomas Augustus Garrett

Thomas Augustus Garrett was born on a farm on June 19, 1870, in what was then Hempstead County, AR. His parents were Thomas Odel Garrett (b. 1827 in Lauderdale County, AL d. 1876 in Nevada County, AR) and his wife, Matilda Adeline Wylie (b. Jan 14, 1832, in Franklin County, AL d. Feb. 15, 1906, in Nevada County, AR). Thomas Odel's parents were Joseph Elias Garrett (b. 1802) and Sarah Stacy Reeder who were married near the present city of Hope, AR. Matilda Adeline Wylie’s father was Elias Wylie. The Garretts and Wylie’s were neighbors in AL and they came in the same wagon train to Arkansas. The Wylie’s settled near Falcon, Alabama Township, and the Garretts in Albany Township in 1845.

 Thomas Augustus Garrett was the youngest son of 11 children born to Thomas Odel and Matilda Adeline Garrett. The others were:

  • Fannie (married Larkin H, Hitt)

  • William Baxter (married Mollie Hare)

  • Joseph E. II (mar. Anna Eliza Brooks)

  •  James Franklin (mar. 1st Sallie Thompson, 2nd Mrs. Jamie Thompson Evens)

  •  Eudora (mar. W.L. Phillips)

  • Martha Alice (mar. J.D. McMath)

  • Ella died at 7 years

  •  John Wesley died at 3 years

  • Sarah Stacy (married D.L. Wood)

  • Unknown Child


Thomas was 6 years old when his father died. He attended the schools the community afforded which, for the most part, were of 2 to 3 months duration (subscription) in the summer, and about 3 months (free) in the winter. He remained at home until he was 21 years of age when he went to Texas and stayed one year, returning in the year 1892.


On Jan. 12, 1898, Thomas Augustus Garrett was married at the home of the bride's parents to Lydia Permelia McGough (b. Jam 28, 1892). She was the daughter of James Presley McGough (b.Apr.5, 1840.d.Apr. 17, 1917) and his wife, Martha Jane Mathis (b. May 6, 1842 d. Oct 14, 1923) both natives of AL. The Mathis and McGough’s were neighbors and traveled in the same wagon train to LL (near Farmersville) in 1842, before coming to AR in the Fall of 1867, settling near Laneburg.


Lydia Permelia McGough's brothers and sisters were: Albert Sydney, mar. ‘Mrs. Julie Ward Munn; Idonia, mar. Preston Jones; Presley Randolph, mar. Sarah Munn; James Tedford, mar. Ada Alsabrook; Abagail, mar. George Wren Duke; Robert Bussy, mar. Lily Rogers. Two sons died in infancy.

Extraordinary arrangements were made for the marriage of Thomas Augusts Garrett and Permelia McGough. The ceremony was to have been performed by the Rev. Larkin H. Hitt, Baptist minister and brother-in-law of the groom. On the morning of the appointed day, a heavy rain came and Terra Rough Creek, near the McGough home in Albany Township, overflowed its banks so that the minister could not cross. The marriage was performed by the bride’s cousin, J.B. Murry, Justice of the Peace.


Children born to Thomas Augustus Garrett and his wife, Lydia Permelia McGough were:


  • Lottie Mae, mar. Esten Wright Rieff

  • Millard Augustus died 12-12, 1914, age 12 yrs.

  • Edith Rachel, mar, Ernest Sydney Hesterly

  • Presley Odelle, mar. Bessie Josephine Gaylord

  • Joseph Emerson, mar. Doris UcClardy

  • Lewis Elijah, mar. Ava Shell.


Thomas Augustus Garrett moved to Prescott, Nevada's county seat November 26, 1926. With the assistance of his sons, Odel and Lewis, he successfully engaged in the retail grocery business on East second street in  1941.


Data furnished by Rachel Garrett Hesterly, daughter of Thomas

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