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John E. Butler

John E. Butler was born on his father's farm in what is now Parker Township, Nevada County, Arkansas, one mile East of Union Church, April 16, 1861. His father was Thos. C. Butler (b.1810, d. 1882). His mother was Margaret (Lewis) Butler (b.1850, d.1902). They came from Tennessee to Arkansas in 1859.

John E. Butler attended the community schools that were offered at that time. At the age of 19, on Dec. 22, 1880, he was married to Elizabeth Alabama Baker, daughter of William Thomas Baker (1830- 1895) and Carolyn Baker (1835-1898) of Leake Township, Nevada County near Glenville, Arkansas, who came to this state from Alabama about the outbreak of the War between the States about 1861.

Mr. Butler was converted in early manhood, joined Union Baptist Church and was baptized by the Rev. James Brockman, Baptist pastor of Union church at the time. He was a good farmer, especially noted for his fine "Huffman" watermelons. He was also a practical veterinarian, loved music, played the violin. He died June 11, 1938, at his home near Union Church, aged 77 years. Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. J.W. Erwin. Burial at Union Cemetery. His wife died Dec. 31, 1941. Her funeral services were also conducted by the Rev. Mr. Erwin, She was buried beside her husband.

Children born to John E. Butler and his wife, Elizabeth 4. (Baker) Butler:

Lottie L. Butler, born 1883, died 1929.

Paris E. Butler, born 1885.

Robt. A. Butler, born 1886.

Maggie C. Butler, born 1888.

Thomas H. Butler, born 1890.

Barner D. Butler, born 1892.

Dessie D. Butler, born 1894.

John Butler Jr., born 1896.

Isham H. Butler, born 1898.

Hody W. Butler, born 1899.

Clark H. Butler, born 1902.


Written at the request of Winnie Haynie (Mrs. Joe R.) Hamilton in March 1947 by Hody W. Butler

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