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Artifacts Found In Emmett

On May 15, 1975, the Nevada County Picayune reported that Native American artifacts dating back to 7,000 BC were found in Emmett. Carol and Glenda Ferguson were attempting to level a 20 foot mound covering 2 acres on their property when they found a large number of arrowheads. From there, a team of archaeologists worked over a 3 year period to excavate the site and found artifacts from Caddo and Fourche Maline settlements.

The team found grinding stones that were likely used for plants, but no plant remains were found, indicating that the people in the area relied on agriculture rather than wild plants. A 20 foot square structure with the remains of inhabitants inside was also found. Other artifacts included ceremonial burial grounds, a pottery kit, and a pitcher in perfect condition that held up to 7 gallons of water.

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