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Prescott As I Saw It

In 1934, C.E. Shankle wrote about what it was like moving to Prescott in 1881. At that time, there were numerous businesses and stores, most of which were on the west side of the railroad track. There were also many churches of various denominations, including Methodist, Episcopal, and Presbyterian. Every year, the churches would put up Christmas trees. Both in the 1880s and 1930s, Prescott was a city notable for its hospitality, especially since most of its population in the 30s was descended from the town’s early settlers.

In 1881, there were two swimming holes in the Garland creek that were popular among young boys in the area. Shankle recalls first swimming at around 10 years old when he was thrown in the water, and he regularly went swimming there until he started working at a printing office in 1884. Meanwhile, girls of the time did not get the same opportunity to swim; Shankle notes that he did not see a woman wearing a bathing suit until the 1890s.

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