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 Alice Jane Hodge Bascom

     Alice Jane Hodge Bascom was born Dec. 2, 1855 at Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas to Dr. George DeKalb and Mrs. Susan Sorrells Hodge. The family moved to Prescott, Arkansas in March of 1876. Alice was considered one of the most beautiful girls in Prescott and was a lifelong member of the Methodist Church. She was educated in a college in Franklin Tennessee and married Thomas H. Bascom, the publisher of the Prescott Clipper, in June of 1877.

     The marriage produced three daughters and a son, George Bascom, Camilla Anderson, Miss Ruth Bascom and Bunn Sufton. Mrs. Bascom operated the Bascom hotel, which was located on the corner of East Main end First Streets on the Allen Hotel block, from 1887 to August 1905 with the exception of the year 1893 when she operated the old Winters hotel on West First and Walnut streets.

     After leaving Prescott, in 1905, Mrs. Bascom resided in Little Rock several years before moving to Florida. She died at her home in Jacksonville in November 1935.

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