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Zachary Taylor Grayson

Zachary Taylor Grayson was born in Hamilton County, TN on March 13, 1848. His father, John Greyson, also a native of Hamilton County, was married to Miss Sallie Fricks. In 1861 the family moved to Ouachita County, AR where they successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits and accumulated considerable property.


He served as Sheriff for 15 to 20 years, and after coming to Arkansas, served several terms as Treasurer of Ouachita County. He died in this county at his home in 1882, 9 years after the passing of his wife in 1873. Sallie was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church while he was a Mason of high standing, having taken some of the higher degrees.


In polities, John was a Whig first, end afterward a Republican, and during the late war was a Union man. There was born to his marriage eight sons and 3 daughters, including:


  • James (killed in Price's raid through MO

  • Francis (the eldest, died in Ouachita County)

  • Jack (died when a young man in TN)

  •  Henry L. (farmer in Ouachita County)

  • Zachary T.


Seven of these sons served in the Confederate Army, doing active and creditable service.


Zachary spent his youthful days in Hamilton County, TN and Ouachita County, AR, where he attended school. He entered Col. Hale's Reg. of AR Cavalry the last year of the War, and served until its close, soon after which he commenced to farm for himself in Ouachita County.


On January 19, 1867, he married Miss Alice Hawkins, daughter of John Hawkins, a native of Ouachita County, born April 25, 1849.  The union produced 9 children:


  • James and Jack (twins)

  • Thomas S.

  • Laura A.

  • Powell C.

  • Moley Lee

  • William Carl

  • Charley

  • Susan J.


In 1875, he came to Prescott, Nevada County. And opened a livery business. In 1876 he was elected Marshal of Prescott and held that office for ten years. In April of 1869, he was appointed postmaster of Prescott. He also served as Constable of Ouachita County for 8 years.


Mrs. Grayson was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Mr. Grayson was a member of the Wheel; the Knights of Labor; and a Republican.



Information from a book now out of print titled, BIOGRAPHICAY AND HISTORICAL MEMOIRS OF SOUTHERN ARKANSAS. It was published in 1890 by the Goodspeed Publishing Company of Chicago, Nashville, and St. Louis.

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