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Formation of Prescott

Formation of Prescott

     Octcber 6, 1874 the Board of Supervisors of Nevada county, Arkansas entered an order incorporating the town of Prescott. Municipal elections were held that year on November 3rd, less than 30 days after the incorporation and an election in Prescott was not possible. March 9, 1875 the Governor approved an Act of the Legislature designating the first Tuesday in April as the date for Municipal elections, and no election was held in Prescott either because the time was to short or the citizens failed to learn of the new act in time. Consequntly, Prescott's first election was held April 4, 1876, when the following officials were chosen: Mayor, Wm. L. Webb; Marshal, M. J. Saxon, who resigned August 7, 1876 and Dave Steele was elected; Recorder, J. J. Whitesides who was removed November 18,1876 and Wm.D. Johnson elected; Treasurer, Eugene E. White; Alderman, Brad Scott, W. B. Waller, W. A. Bright, D. M. Wadley and Guy Nelson.

     Missouri township (in which Prescott is located) officers while the town was without officials, were Justices of the Peace, J. D. Davis and Leonard Wilson; Constables, F. M. McCain and William M. Thomas.

     Until February 7, 1906 when Prescott became a City of the Second Class, marahals and treasurers were elected by the council, and all officials were elected annually. Since that date officers have been elected for two year terms.

     The first officials took office on April 4, 1876. Some notes on the formation of Prescott, Arkansas from Randolph Hamby's Officials of City of Prescott and Nevada County, Arkansas (1950).

     Prescott is a city and the county seat of Nevada County, Arkansas.[1] The community had a population of 3,868 at the 2000 census. Prescott is part of the Hope Micropolitan Statistical Area.


     Located 100 miles southwest of Little Rock, Prescott was constructed on the Prairie D'Ane,[2] which consisted of approximately 25–30 square miles of rolling prairie, surrounded by forest. The area had been a well known crossroads prior to the construction of the Cairo & Fulton Railroad.[3] To the west lies the city of Washington, to the east lies the city of Camden, while to the south lies the Red River, with Shreveport, Texarkana, and Dallas beyond.

     As of 2014, Prescott and Nevada County had sixteen (16) properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Elkin's Ferry Battleground and the Prairie D'Ane Battlefield are further recognized as National Historic Landmarks.

From: Officials of City of Prescott and Nevada County, Arkansas, compiled by Randolph P. Hamby, 1950.

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